Welcome to Peter’s Seafood Cafe

With our new renovations complete and an abundance of indoor and outdoor seating (120+), Peter’s Seafood Cafe is the premier dining destination to enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch at the  Sydney Fish Market.

We specialise in serving the best live seafood cooked to order. All of our live seafood is Australian and of an A+ grading. Our prices will fluctuate with the season, our quality won’t! Make sure to ask about our daily specials!

lobster peters sydney fish marketWe have the best live Lobsters, Crabs & Abalone, all Australian and all cooked to order. Make sure to ask our staff  what our most popular dishes are. Not sure what to pick? We can help you choose what’s in season and the best cooking style for you.

We pride ourselves on cooking the best live seafood dishes to order. We can steam, grill or stir fry your seafood selection & have a beautiful array of house made sauce options & cooking styles available.

When you are ordering, be sure to ask our staff for their suggestions of our most popular cooking styles. Our team of international chefs have a large focus on Northern and Southern Chinese cuisines, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Cooking Styles

Below are a selection of our most popular cooking styles:

Ginger & Shallot: An abundance of freshly grated ginger & finely sliced shallots with a hint of soy.

Salt & Pepper: A fine mix of Australian rock salt blended with Asian white pepper.

Singapore Chilli: A perfect combination of minced garlic & fresh chilli.

Garlic Butter: Finely chopped garlic & butter, simple, but a true favourite and one of our best sellers.

Black Bean: Asian black beans cooked together with finely sliced Spanish onions, shallots and fresh chilli.

Hong Kong Style Dry Chilli: A traditional mix of black beans, fried onion, shallots, garlic & fresh chilli.

XO Sauce: Our most popular Asian cooking style. Baby shrimp, fresh chilli, fried onion & garlic.

Sweet & Sour: A beautiful blend of sweet chilli, fresh chilli, tomatoes and a dash of vinegar.


peterssydney fish market serving

With a range of beautiful dishes, great service and a bustling market atmosphere, you’re bound to leave Peter’s Seafood Cafe happy and fulfilled.

Peter’s is a BYO venue and alcohol can be bought at the bottle shop opposite the store.

Our cafe is open from 8am to 3pm 7 days a week and most public holidays.


Check out our Seafood Cafe Menu HERE

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Peter’s Seafood Cafe!



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